Fast and Efficient

Our qualitative underwriting approach is pioneering and provides a good reference point for both the client and Opus as to where intellectual property exposures lie. We will work closely with your clients’ representatives and professional advisors to try and eliminate any intellectual property exposures as much as possible through securing appropriate insurance coverage. We aim to provide a fast and efficient service to provide terms for your clients.

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Claims Handling

Proactive and Fair

We place the same emphasis on our claims handling as our underwriting approach, acting quickly to address a potential problem while liaising with capacity providers. Claims will happen and when they do, it is vital that we are proactive in our approach and find a resolution that is fair. We will work to explore the best possible outcome for your client ensuring appropriate action is taken when necessary so as not to prejudice a desired outcome.

Opus Passport (non-regulated)

Triage and Empower

This service is only open to Policyholders of Opus, we aim to assist your clients resolve any intellectual property related issues they may experience. Your client’s problem is our problem.

These services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Information is contained within policy documentation but please contact us for specific information.

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Solutions and More

We have a range of products which are continuously being enhanced as we take on board feedback from our brokers and developments in this market.

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