Picking a winner

Racing may be back on the telly, although not as we knew it, and spotting a winner is distinctly an armchair pursuit, at least for now. Picking a start-up business winner continues seemingly [...]

Remdesivir Revisited

Recent history As readers of this Newsfeed may recall in an article published on 6 March this year (doesn’t that seem a long time ago in a pandemic where time crawls) an IP dispute between the US [...]

Droning on…

Click and…er…wait Ever thought it odd that however socially revolutionary and convenient on-line shopping undoubtedly is, the polluting, unwoke delivery by diesel van undermines this sci-fi [...]

Lockdown – Never been busier?

Restricted movement but no less agile Strange times, stranger hours and patterns of work. Disjointed, disconnected and in a world of our own, quite literally, because we’re working from home. [...]

Broker Bulletin 10

Did you know Sunday 26 April was World IP Day? We hope you didn’t miss it but in case you did; here are the highlights. Green Innovation… Relies on Intellectual property rights (IPR) as its [...]

Tiger King: Trademark dispute ends reign

Covid-19 lockdown go-to and Netflix smash-hit “Tiger King” is perhaps an unlikely subject for an intellectual property newsfeed. Or is it? For some time now we’ve been proclaiming that IP is [...]

When the mask slips

Market forces… Intellectual property is all about the creation of a legal monopoly with lawful exploitation at its heart. There’s a problem; exploitation is equally central to counterfeiting. [...]


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the top of people’s minds during these uncertain times. We know that protecting your business and team is your top priority as we all adjust our working arrangements to [...]

Broker Bulletin 9

OPUS BIBA Webinar   Our first… OPUS is delighted to announce it has just delivered its first broker webinar with the help of our friends at BIBA. With contributions from Sam Bobo the OPUS MD with [...]

Covid-19 spreads to the global IP market

Rumour has it… Nothing whets the appetite for rumour quite like a good germ escape story. And what if that germ, or virus, was ‘owned’ or patented by a super-power? All the required ingredients [...]

Out there and living amongst us…

Not an alien concept The march of intellectual property-rich UK companies from start-up to mature, continues at pace according to a report last month from Tech Nation, the tax-funded body that [...]

Harry and Megan…an unhappy IP ending?

It’s all about the brand… The curious thing about intellectual property rights is you don’t think they apply to you until…er…they do. You might not believe you have, or are, a brand. Even if you [...]

…working in the lab late one night…

Employer’s Intellectual Property Rights The employer owns designs, inventions, and copyright over abstract creative works developed by its employees – right? Surely this is the case, it even says [...]

Broker Bulletin 8

Happy New Year to all BIBA Brokers! As the New Year dawns many of your clients will be addressing their marketing schedules for 2020 and the new decade. Refreshing their client offerings, [...]

Broker Bulletin 7

Success in Scotland!   BIBA approved service provider Opus Underwriting Limited was delighted to attend and exhibit yesterday at the BIBA Scotland 2019 Conference in Falkirk. A busy day with [...]

BIBA Broker Bulletin 6

Breaking the Ice (Having that IP conversation with your client) One of the many benefits of OPUS travelling up and down the country to meet BIBA brokers is to elicit feedback from you. No one is [...]

Broker Bulletin 5

Attention Scottish BIBA Brokers! BIBA approved service provider Opus UnderwritingLimited is delighted to announce its attendance at the forthcoming BIBA Scotland 2019atThe McDonald Inchyra Hotel [...]

Broker Bulletin 4

South Wales – OPUS attends Successful Knowledge Forum October 2019 BIBA approved service provider OPUS UnderwritingLimitedreports a successful day’s attendance at the first-of-its-kind BIBA event [...]

Broker Bulletin 3

Wales – here we come!   BIBA approved service provider Opus Underwriting Limited is delighted to announce its attendance at the forthcoming BIBA South Wales Knowledge Forum in Cardiff on 9 [...]

Rag-Trade Rip-Off

International fashion brand theft of another’s ideas and designs is rife. The big brands are often the worst offenders. So how in the world do they get away with it in plain sight of the creator? [...]

Picture This

Creative differences Remember the 1978 Blondie release of this name. It hit the UK charts and for its three writers, Debbie Harry included, it has churned out regular royalties for them ever [...]

What Katy Did

We are, of course, talking about Katy Perry the pop star and not the subject of a 19th century children’s book. And, in the case of Perry, What Katy Did was rip-off a fellow artist’s song and [...]

Patent it – or wing it?

Quick quiz… What have the radio, the telephone and, with no hint of irony, the board game Monopoly got in common? Answer: The inventors were not those who cashed in. The money was made by those [...]

Registering a design in the UK

Why – what’s in it for me? If you haven’t thought of registering your business designs, you should…simple as. Whilst it may sound like a dull paper exercise involving lawyers, cost and some [...]

Broker Bulletin 2

OPUS Lucky Winner! Congratulations to James Ogilvie of RAC Business Roadside on winning the OPUS BIBA Conference business card raffle! Sam Bobo, OPUS MD, is seen here handing over the prize to [...]

Broker Bulletin

Intellectual Property Insurance – what is it and why clients need it. You’ve heard about IPI, but how do you position it with your clients? How does it fit their business? Is it relevant? You [...]

BIBA Conference 2019

Opus partners BIBA to provide specialist legal expenses cover backed by A-Rated capacity. The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) has launched an intellectual property insurance scheme [...]

Tangled Web

In a modern business it’s pretty much a certainty, whatever your niche, you’ll need a website. Being online makes you more competitive and opens-up new markets at home and abroad. What business [...]