Broker Bulletin 8

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Happy New Year to all BIBA Brokers!

As the New Year dawns many of your clients will be addressing their marketing schedules for 2020 and the new decade. Refreshing their client offerings, innovating and seeking to generate more revenue. As brokers, we’re sure you’re no different.

It’s that time of year for contemplating what the future market might look like and how well positioned you are to take advantage of forces delivering change.

2020 Vision
OPUS predicts the new decade will herald new insurances and see appetite grow significantly in covers that move away from tangible assets to intangibles. Protecting Intellectual Property Rights (IPI) is very much a part of this fast-growing emerging market focussing on cover for intangible assets and OPUS is at the front of the pack with its ground-breaking platforms, analytics and insurance.

Approved Service Provider
As BIBA’s approved service provider for IPI you can trust us to provide cover to suit all your client needs.

If you are interested in our quick-quote broker portal for IPI risks – The BIBA IPS 1000 platform – specifically designed to strip-away the many obstacles currently existing in the IPI market and to secure your clients affordable cover for their designs, brands and creative works – please visit for more information.

The OPUS team will be very happy to help you.

Have a great New Year.

Murray Fairclough
Development Underwriter
OPUS Underwriting Limited 
+44 (0) 203 920 9985

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