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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the top of people’s minds during these uncertain times. We know that protecting your business and team is your top priority as we all adjust our working arrangements to help slow the spread. We want to share our commitment to maintaining service continuity to your business.

To ensure the COVID-19 crisis will not impact our service to you, here is a summary of our corporate measures we have in place:

• Health and Safety First – All of our employees are being regularly educated and strictly adhering to guidelines provided by health authorities.

• Going Virtual – Everyone at Opus Underwriting is equipped to work remotely or on the go. We have recommended that all employees work from home, avoid office and customer visits and to not socialise with other members of staff.

• Keeping Social Distance – For now, and for everyone’s benefit, we will meet virtually, avoiding travel and close social interaction.

• Business Continuity – We will continue to review our daily business continuity and all communications. We ask for your forbearance whilst we continue to monitor and adjusting accordingly as the situation evolves.

These measures have been carefully designed and tested to prevent any loss or degradation of service to you. Our services and support are actively working as usual, and looking forward to continuing to serve your needs.

On behalf of the Opus Underwriting team, we thank you for your business. We will provide you with relevant updates as matters continue to evolve.

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