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Our first…
OPUS is delighted to announce it has just delivered its first broker webinar with the help of our friends at BIBA. With contributions from Sam Bobo the OPUS MD with 25 years of experience in underwriting and designing intellectual property insurance (IPI) products and Andrew Clay a preeminent UK IP lawyer similarly with decades of experience, we hope those who dialled in enjoyed the presentation.

Watch it online
We recommend the webinar content to you detailing:

  • The types of IP rights that exist and how they might be protected;
  • The need to insure against infringement;
  • The changing nature of businesses in the UK and rise of the intangible asset;
  • Why IPI has never been a more relevant product for businesses today;
  • What IPI covers and how;
  • The BIBA IPS 1000 platform.

Approved Service Provider
As BIBA’s approved service provider for IPI you can trust us to provide cover to suit all your client needs.

If you are interested in our quick-quote broker portal for IPI risks – The BIBA IPS 1000 platform – specifically designed to strip-away the many obstacles currently existing in the IPI market and to secure your clients affordable cover for their designs, brands and creative works – please visit for more information.

The OPUS team will be very happy to help you.

Murray Fairclough
Development Underwriter
OPUS Underwriting Limited 
+44 (0) 203 920 9985

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