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Did you know Sunday 26 April was World IP Day?
We hope you didn’t miss it but in case you did; here are the highlights.

Green Innovation…
Relies on Intellectual property rights (IPR) as its foundation stone. We have witnessed a huge increase in green innovation in the last 10 years in so many environments:
The workplace;
Our educational establishments;
The travel industry; and Energy.

…to name a few.
Green tech patent applications are quite simply booming, increasing some 170% in the last decade. British inventions and patents have tripled over the same period particularly in:
Solar energy;
Transportation; and
Electric vehicle technologies.

Over 3,000 green British patents have been sought and granted since 2009. As OPUS has consistently maintained, today’s inventions not only shape tomorrow’s world, they shape the client profile for insurance brokers throughout Britain.
This country leads the way in tackling climate change and green innovation intellectual property is at the heart of its success.
So, if you missed World IP Day, take a look for yourself at

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The OPUS team will be very happy to help you.

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